Cranes in a skyline over a construction project.

$296 million in construction projects (FY21)

is investing in the health of Bexar County residents with the development of a multispecialty and research hospital specializing in cancer care and an outpatient surgery and primary care center. We are ready to meet the health care demands of our expanding population. Between FY22 and FY25 will invest approximately $1 billion in capital and construction projects.

$360 million (FY22) in sponsored research 

’s research initiatives fuel San Antonio’s health care and biosciences economy. Our partnership network includes centers and institutes housed on campus at , health care systems, life sciences industry and military involved in basic and applied research. 

Dr. Bess Frost using a dropper in a lab.
Two male employees holding shirts hanging out of a truck.

17,710 jobs created and sustained

supports a combined total of 17,710 created or sustained jobs (employees plus contractors, construction and interns). One out of every 40 jobs in San Antonio is supported or sustained by . (Source Data USA).

$633.1 million in uncompensated care

(FY22 Gross Charges)

Our mission is to care for all those who seek our care, especially our most vulnerable—those who do not have the resources to pay for health care services.

Dentist helping an older patient.
Students smiling in a classroom pointing at a screen

4,058 students contribute to local tax base through employment and spending

We contribute to local and state economies through our expenditures on operations, capital projects, wages, the spending of students off campus and the spending of patient visitors (residing outside of Bexar County) to .

Source:  ’s FY2021 Economic Impact Study prepared by Steven R. Nivin, PhD, LLC of Steven R. Nivin Economic Research & Consulting.

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